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Why Is Gum Disease Considered A Dental Emergency?

Is Gum Disease Considered a Dental Emergency? | Annapolis

Gum disease in Annapolis is a serious condition that can cause permanent tooth loss and bone loss. In a previous blog post, we discussed gum disease needs help: busting the myths. However, in this blog post, we will understand why gum disease is considered a dental emergency.

Do your gums appear slightly pinker than usual and might also look a little swollen? Then, this is an obvious indicator that you want to plan an expert cleaning to assist with eliminating microorganisms and plaque before the disease deteriorates.

Also, If your oral hygiene routine isn't up to par and you haven't seen a dentist in over a year, then you have all the chances of getting gum disease.

Look for 'the best dentist office near me Annapolis' and visit the dentist immediately.

Is Gum Disease a Serious Dental Problem?

Yes, if your gum disease is left untreated it can make your gums contract away from your teeth and continue to contaminate the encompassing bone and tissue.

The Feeling of a Loose Tooth:

Once you have all of your adult teeth, you should never again feel like you have a loose tooth. The jaw and the gums are two of the structures that keep adult teeth in place.

If you feel like one of your teeth is loose, then it is an indication that something is genuinely amiss with one of those fundamental designs.

Serious Toothache

Toothache can be severe. At times it will transmit out through your jaw, so you might feel torment all through the entire side of your face. This typically indicates that the infection has spread to your tooth's nerve endings.

Swollen Jaw:

You should see the dentist's office near you in Annapolis right away if you have a swollen jaw unless there is a clear physical cause.

Gum disease can look this way for a number of different reasons, but the most common one is that the infection has spread to a dangerous level.

Pus of Any Kind:

If you smell something bad or see pus in your mouth, you should see your emergency dentist in Annapolis right away. The infection may cause harm to the bone, sinuses, and even the brain, depending on where it has spread.


Numbness can be very detrimental. Contact your emergency dentist right away if you don't feel anything around a tooth or part of your gum. The nerves in the area may have been affected or damaged by the infection.

Best Dentist Near You in Annapolis:

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