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Emergency Dentist in Annapolis, MD

Emergency Dentist in Annapolis

Any injury to the mouth that may cause bleeding, lacerations to the gums, and fracture teeth may require immediate dental care. Either it's a result of an accident or biting a piece of food that's too hard. Mouth injuries can cause teeth to become cracked or dislodged. At this moment, it's important to visit an Emergency Dentist in Annapolis.

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), it is found that most Americans have visited the hospital emergency department to receive an Emergency Dental Treatment. If you encounter any dental issues and are uncertain about what qualifies as a dental emergency. Our Annapolis Emergency Dentist Dr. Jody M. Waddell determines what kind of dental care requires dental emergency.

What is An Emergency Dentist?

An Emergency Dentist is the one who performs emergency dental treatment involving the teeth, supporting tissues, and Injuries to mouth.

How to Handle a Knocked-Out Tooth?

When a tooth gets knocked out, it is important to get to the Emergency Dentist as soon as possible. Here are a few recommendations to improve the chances of saving your tooth and avoid damaging it even more.

  1. Handle the tooth carefully, and try not to touch the root of the tooth
  2. If the tooth becomes dirty, hold it by the upper part i.e. the crown and rinse it with milk. Don't try to wipe it off with a washcloth, as this might damage the tooth
  3. Always keep the tooth moist, drop it into a glass of milk. If not place the tooth in your mouth in between the cheek and gum
  4. Young children may not be able to keep the tooth in his or her mouth without swallowing it. That's the reason our Pediatric Dentist in Annapolis recommends to make the child split it into a cup and place the tooth in a cup with the saliva
  5. Try to slip the tooth back into the socket and don't try to force it back into the socket. If it doesn't get back into the socket then just keep it moist (in milk, saliva, or water) and try to contact our Annapolis Emergency Dentist as soon as possible

Dental Emergency Treatment in Annapolis, MD:

Our Annapolis Dentist will evaluate the nature of your dental emergency and determine the best treatment plan. If your tooth has been knocked out, our Annapolis Dentist may try to place it back. This is more likely to be successful if you visit our dentist within 30 minutes of the injury. The restoration options such as fillings or crowns may be used to repair the cracked teeth. However, if the tooth is severely damaged, it may need to be extracted. If you experience a tooth abscess our Emergency Dentist in Annapolis may make a small cut in the abscess area to drain the pus out, and a Root Canal treatment might be necessary.

Dental emergency tends to happen all of a sudden, leaving patients in worried and pain. Thankfully, you have Annapolis Emergency Dentist in your corner for same-day emergency assistance! Here are some of the most common emergency dental cases we treat:

  1. Severe toothache
  2. Broken teeth
  3. Knocked-out tooth
  4. Oral bleeding
  5. Gum and Jaw Injury
  6. Damaged dental restoration

For more information about Emergency Dental Treatment visit our Annapolis Dentist by calling us at (410) 267-3879 and schedule an appointment today.

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