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Pediatric Dentistry: The Importance of the Summertime Dental Checkup

Importance of visiting kid's dentist in Summer

Children's dental health is the focus of pediatric dentistry, which is a subfield of dentistry. Among kids and teenagers, dental procedures or checkups are viewed as frightening and painful. Many prefer to avoid them at all costs. As a rule of thumb, it is important for children to have their baby teeth examined by a pediatric dentist on a frequent basis to detect signs of tooth decay & cavities. In our previous blog, we have explained 6 teeth whitening issues that can be treated by kids' dentists in Annapolis. Read on to discover why summertime dental checkup offered by pediatric dentistry is crucial from below.

What is Pediatric Dentistry?

Dental care for children, from birth to adolescence, is the focus of a kids dentist in Annapolis or a pediatric dentist. They have the training and knowledge to treat a child's teeth, gums, & mouth as they grow up. During the initial six months, a baby's teeth begin to erupt. Their primary teeth begin to fall out around the age of six or seven and are eventually replaced by the second set of permanent teeth.

Why is Pediatric Dentist in Annapolis Visit Necessary for a Child?

Children who do not receive regular dental care run the risk of developing conditions like tooth decay and gum disease. This can lead to a lifetime of discomfort and problems. To remove stains, discolored teeth visit our cosmetic dentistry in Annapolis. Early childhood gum disease is more frequent in children than asthma (5 times as common) and hay fever (7 times as common). Most children aged 5 - 11 have at least one decaying tooth that is left untreated.

Perks of Dental Visit With Your Dentist in Annapolis:

Cavities are a common disorder which affects the youth segment of the population in the United States, as per the finding of Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC). Nonetheless, it's worth noting how simple it is for kids to get pediatric dentistry service especially in summer. Oral health treatment can become the priority throughout the summer due to the changed schedules. There is a tendency to eat more sweet treats & snacks when there is little organization and a lot of activity.

The pediatric dentist in Annapolis, can discover cavities early if a child comes in for basic treatment early in the summer and discuss additional steps beyond regular flossing and brushing, such as placing sealants. Most children benefit from sealant treatment since "school-age children without sealant have approximately three times more cavities than kids with sealants."

Why is Summer an Ideal Time to Visit Dentist Office Near You in Annapolis?

The summer months can be a suitable time to visit the dentist office near you in Annapolis. Parents should not put it off or neglect to bring their kids in for a checkup during the summer. When children are on summer vacation, they don't have to worry about missing school, which means less stress for both the parent and the child.


Infants who have not visited pediatric dentist in Annapolis so far should visit an experienced pediatric dentist right away. If you are in Annapolis, consider Dr. Jody Waddell who practices at Annapolis Dental Associates. Browse through our Annapolis Dental Associates website to gather more details regarding pediatric services. Call us at 410-268-9336 to have a conversation with our representatives of Annapolis Dental Associates right away.

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