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Does Invisalign Cause Gum Disease?

Does Invisalign Cause Gum Disease?

Most older adults are at a higher risk of developing periodontal conditions. If you are using aligners, they do require consistent and proper maintenance. If you are careless with maintaining your oral hygiene, you are directly increasing your chances of developing severe gum disorders. You must thoroughly follow the guidelines of the dentist near you before opting for aligners. In our previous blog, we have explained 5 advantages of Invisalign in Annapolis for children. Read on to discover whether invisalign triggers periodontal conditions or not from below.

Can You Prevent Gum Disease With Proper Oral Care After Affixing Invisalign in Annapolis?

Transparent dental aligners or Invisalign do not enhance the risk of causing serious gum disease in Annapolis, like gingivitis. If the wearers maintain good oral care habits while using aligners, it will be beneficial for them. If you do not follow proper hygiene steps, you will risk getting a severe gum condition.

4 Steps to Follow While Considering Invisalign in Annapolis:

  1. Permanently remove aligners before consuming any food or beverages. To prevent the risk of plaque, tartar or debris build-up, and tooth decay, you must thoroughly brush your teeth after every meal. Consuming pigmented beverages can also stain Invisalign.
  2. Aligners can easily catch the food remains. If you cannot brush your teeth after a meal, you must at least use an alcohol-free mouthwash or plain water to rinse your mouth.
  3. Our cosmetic dentist in Annapolis recommends preventing yourself from using chewing gums. The constant friction will badly damage the aligner.
  4. It is required to clean the aligner at least once a day. You must use medicated retainer cleaning kits to keep it odor and bacteria-free. You must use a soft-bristled toothbrush and clean it with plain soap and water.

Does Gum Recession Stop After Using Invisalign?

A gumline tissue recession can happen due to direct exposure to the tooth root. In most cases, Invisalign does not cause or increase the risk of gum recession. A periodontist will adequately help you understand the treatment's risk and side effects before any treatment.

If you maintain proper oral care guidelines, Invisalign in Annapolis or clear aligners must not possibly cause you any periodontal conditions. People with dental aligners must be consistent and cautious about their dental hygiene to reduce the risk of gum disease in the future.


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