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Is Invisalign Appropriate for Kids?

Is Invisalign Appropriate for Kids? | Dentist Annapolis

The above sentence is an important question for all the parents out there. Metal braces are not a necessity for your kid. It is neither the foremost nor the best treatment for the young ones when it comes to straightening their teeth. Yes, you might have affixed traditional metal braces in your childhood. In our previous blog, we have explained how Invisalign in Annapolis works with treatment plans and benefits. But invisaligns are the most preferred option today.

Invisalign by Kids Dentist in Annapolis:

You are already aware of the benefits of metal braces for chipped, cracked and crooked teeth. Invisalign is the new trend for misalignment. It can be successfully fastened by a pediatric dentist in Annapolis. Clear aligners have also become popular for kids. Since no brackets and metal wires are required, these are a great choice for teenagers and kids.

Advantages of Invisalign in Annapolis for Children:

However, to understand if invisalign is indeed suited for your little one, you need to inspect your child's gums and teeth. For that, you need to find the right Dentist. Search online with the keywords, "dentist near me Annapolis" and pick out the topmost results. If you wish healthy teeth and gums for your kid, then nothing can be better than Invisalign for orthodontic treatment. Read some advantages of invisalign.

  1. Invisalign Is Just As Effective as Braces:

    Most kids are the best candidates for Invisalign. Regular orthodontic issues like overcrowding, overbite, underbite, gapped teeth, etc can be corrected through invisalign solution. The average cost and length of treatment for invisalign at the dentist office near me Annapolis is similar to that of regular braces.

  2. Invisalign Is Convenient for Kids:

    Unlike braces, your kids can easily take Invisalign out while brushing or consuming food items. In fact, they can take out aligners for a few hours every day. Also, if your child is into any sports activities, aligners can be taken out conveniently to prevent discomfort while playing. These leave a wiggle room for your young ones.

  3. No Anxiety:

    Yes, your kids will no longer have to face taunts from other mates in school. Our pediatric dentist in Annapolis says Invisalign is a clear aligner, and they can wear it without feeling any anxiety. Also, they will not feel the uncomfortable sensation of carrying anything bulky in their mouth constantly.

  4. Cleaning is Easy:

    True. Cleaning Invisalign is like a breeze. While brushing or flossing, these can be removed by the parents and cleaned with ease. Use soft brush and lukewarm water to clean the aligners. The cleaning procedure is not complicated.

  5. Lesser Chance of Cavities:

    Another benefit of using clear aligners for your kids is less risk of having cavities. With braces, your kids will have to spend more time in maintaining oral hygiene. Also, there are higher chances of cavities with braces. This is because they allow food to get trapped in areas which are unreachable while brushing. This leads to plaque. With Invisalign in Annapolis, children can remove them while cleaning their teeth.


For an effective Invisalign procedure for your child, visit the best kids dentist in Annapolis, Dr. Jody M Waddell at Annapolis Dental Associates. Browse through the website of Annapolis Dental Associates to discover more about the services provided by them. Dial 410-268-9336 to arrange for an appointment right away. Dr. Jody M Waddell can bring back the real smile of your child.

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