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5 Pointers Indicating That You Must Visit a Dentist

Indication That You Must Visit a Dentist | Annapolis, MD

You don't just visit the dentist for a toothache or chipped teeth. There are multiple instances demanding your time be spent with a dentist suddenly. But it must be a priority to visit your dentist habitually to have better oral health.

Your Dentist will do more than just teeth cleaning. They will ensure that you are ready to face any dental issues. There are a few Things to Keep In Mind When Selecting a Dentist in Annapolis. One of the reputed Dentist Near You is Dr. Jody M. Waddell who practices at Annapolis Dental Associates.

Here Is a List of 5 Manifestations Indicating That You Need To Visit the Dentist in Annapolis:

  1. Swelling:

    Did you experience any sort of swelling inside your mouth or in the region surrounding your gums and jaws? You must visit your Dentist in Annapolis forthwith to consult if you have any gum diseases or infections. If the pain comes again and disappears be alarmed. However, if the pain is not subsiding, seek the help of a dentist.

  2. Gum Problems:

    Sometimes your gums tend to become puffy, inflamed and bleed. If they turn bluish-red, it is time for you to check with your dentist. Dr Jody and his team of experts will check for any gum diseases that are formed by plaque.

  3. Tooth Spots:

    If you find any white spots on your teeth, it is an early sign of tooth decay. In this occurrence, you must promptly seek a dentist. Our experts at Annapolis Dental Associates will immediately stop the decay through treatments even before the cavity forms.

  4. Sensitive Teeth:

    If your teeth are sensitive or if you experience a numb feeling while consuming foods of different temperatures, it is a sign of tooth decay when it moves from the enamel to the center of the tooth. Sensitivity can also occur if there are teeth grinding or filling. Hence, it is highly advocated that you look in on a Cosmetic Dentistry in Annapolis.

  5. Smile Makeover:

    If you hide your smile or feel like your smile is affecting your confidence, visit your dentist. Talk to your dentist openly and discuss your problems and goals. Our Cosmetic Dentist will give you instructions and perform Teeth Whitening in Annapolis to get you the smile you always aspired for.

    During several other times like jaw problems, persistent bad breath, change in the texture of mouth you must visit your Dentist Near You in Annapolis.


Even if you don't have these symptoms you must visit your dentist frequently to assess your oral health in general. Visit Annapolis Dental Associates where Dr. Jody M. Waddell practices today! For more information call us at (410) 268-9336 and schedule an appointment today.

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