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Don’t Reveal the Tooth Fairy Truth to the Kids!

Don’t Reveal the Tooth Fairy Truth to the Kids!

Do you know National Tooth Fairy Day is coming up soon? We aren’t talking about the one on August 22, but the one coming up on Feb 28. You might have heard about Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Snow White or Cinderella. But have you ever heard of the Tooth Fairy? If you are in America or some parts of Europe or Russia, then chances are that you might have heard about Tooth Fairies. In our previous blog, we have explained the ideal age for kids to opt for cosmetic dentistry in Annapolis. However, on this tooth fairy day, plan a visit to a kids dentist. Tell them about the tooth fairy and don’t reveal that it is a myth. Before that, let’s take a look at the origins of such mythical creatures.

Beliefs About Tooth Fairy:

While your child loses a tooth, what do you do? Some people throw it in fire, some dispose of it in garbage, some throw those off over the roofs. Some cultures believe that wearing a kid's tooth gives more strength while fighting battles. What’s the truth? Well, these are all legends. In Europe, people believe that a mouse, in the form of a tooth deity, comes to steal your kid’s tooth. Our kids dentist in Annapolis says people in America believe that it’s a tooth fairy who comes to take your baby’s teeth. So, when kids lose their tooth, they keep it underneath their pillows. This is with the belief that the tooth fairy will come to exchange it for some rewards. This money reward is usually between 3-4 dollars. You might find a small coin underneath your pillow.

Different Practices of Celebrating Tooth Fairy Day:

  1. There are people who believe in different sagas of tooth fairy. They bury those in mouse holes in Afghanistan. Indians also do that.
  2. South Africans place their baby tooth in slippers with the hope that a magical mouse will take it from there.
  3. Argentina kids put it in glass beside bed with the hope that they will find little gifts the next day.

4 Fun Facts of Tooth Fairy Day:

  1. There are certain fun facts about Tooth Fairy which you might want to know.
  2. When your kid loses a tooth, the tooth fairy receives a golden bubble with your kid’s name written on it. It arrives at the tooth fairy’s castle. She flies with all the bubbles and collects all the teeth and puts them inside the bubbles. These fly back to her castle.
  3. It's usually believed that the tooth fairy only collects white teeth and rewards the babies with white teeth. She discards teeth with stains, cavities or spots. Visiting a cosmetic dentist in Annapolis can turn stained teeth into beautiful white teeth.
  4. The castle of the tooth fairy is made of all the teeth she assembles. It is a pristine beautiful castle made of white.


Now, these myths will remind your kids of the fact that it’s important to maintain dental hygiene. Take your kid to Dr. Jody M. Waddell at Annapolis Dental Associates this National Tooth Fairy Day. Dr. Jody M. Waddell is the best pediatric dentist in Annapolis for regular oral checkup as well as pediatric and family dentistry.

If you are looking for a dentist office near you in Annapolis, Annapolis Dental Associates would be the best place to go to. Browse through our website of Annapolis Dental Associates to discover more details. Call us at 410-268-9336 to have a conversation right away.

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