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How Does Invisalign for Teens Differ From Adult Invisalign?

How Does Invisalign for Teens Differ From Adult Invisalign?

The first surprise for you may be the fact that teens are also eligible for such advanced, sophisticated dental prosthesis like Invisalign. The next element of surprise, even more, can be the fact that Invisalign for teens are different from adults.

The reason you might be left amazed by the above two facts is because the TV ads popularly show only the adult aligners. Hence it's natural for you to not know, if at all that's the case. In our previous blog, we have explained the benefits of Invisalign treatment in Annapolis for children. However, now with some info about adult Invisalign, let's see how clear aligners for teens differ from adults as per any leading dentist.

Tips for Invisalign Treatment in Annapolis:

Before that, let's furnish you with an important fact. Irrespective of whether you are an adult or a teen, you need to wear an Invisalign in Annapolis regularly. The effect of this dental prosthesis only works best if you follow a dentist's advice and do not remove it, unless you are brushing, eating or flossing.

Blue Dot Indicator for Compliance:

The Invisalign meant for teens comes with a blue dot, not spotted in adult Invisalign, that disappears after a couple of weeks you wear it. The blue has been designed with a conscious effort to detect if teens are being compliant in wearing the aligners.

A total of 2 weeks is mandatory for regular wear for them. After two weeks, teens usually get accustomed to wearing it and do not tend to wear them off. However, there is a tendency to remove them frequently in the first 2 weeks because of the natural discomfort of an external element in the mouth.

Hence, blue dots generally help emergency dentist in Annapolis or parents to see if the teens are regularly wearing the aligners.

Duplicate Aligners:

Teens are often in their fun moods and less vigilant about their health. Invisalign is no exception. With teens generally, there are higher chances of loss or breakage of aligners. So, teens Invisalign comes with a set of replacement to enable continuity of the treatment in such cases.

Spaces for Adult Teeth:

The best part is Invisalign for teens comes with good enough spaces in between to let their adult teeth grow. Often teens, with baby teeth, start growing adult teeth as well. So, teens Invisalign is designed in a way to let adult teeth grow comfortably.


To make your task easy, here you go with a well-experienced and proficient orthodontic Dr. Jody Waddell. Reach out to this highly appreciated cosmetic dentist in Annapolis for dental treatments of different types. For more call us at 410-268-9336 and schedule an appointment today.

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